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Some recent references:

- Mias Group, Gyöngyös (Hungary)
- Van Hool coaches, Lier (Belgium)
- GEA Refrigeration, Den Bosch (Netherlands)
- Nedtrain (Dutch Railway), Haarlem (Netherlands)
- HF-Group, Belisce (Croatia)
- Colorspol, Novot (Slovakia)
- Reynaers Aluminium, Piaseczno (Poland)
- Rettig ICC, Newcastle (England)
- Wires International, Isa Town (Bahrein)
- Jungheinrich Forklifttruck, Shanghai (China),
- Alural Group, Tisselt (Belgium),
- Buschheuer Stahlbau, Regensburg (Germany),
- Beth-El Industries, Haifa (Israël),
- Dexion, Rasnov (Romania),
- Crown Forklifts, Roding (Germany),
- Gunnebo, Doetinchem (Netherlands),
-  ......and many more

Investing in (parts of) a new plant:

In case you are considering investing in a new installation, we distinguish two possibilities:

The situation in which you contract all coating work and are considering doing this yourself in the future. In a word, when you need to make the choice between "do it yourself or ... "

The situation where you already do all the coating work yourself and the applied process needs to be reconsidered, or the current installation / equipment needs to be renewed, respectively. In this case we can provide advice both in the choice of process and choice of equipment.

Active support

We not only provide advice, but also help you actively with investing in, installation and taking into operation of new coating installations or parts of it.

Our consultants know all about the current demands, the latest developments and when these can be applied.

Project management

This enables you to complete an entire project in a relatively short time. Guiding principle in this is our project-procedure. This way of working guarantees the realisation from the first idea to the working installation:

  • In a length of time previously fixed
  • At the costs previously arranged
  • Attaining the previously fixed objective
  • A minimum investment in time and work for the client

In other words, we take all problems, linked to the purchase and realisation of a coating installation, out of your hands!!