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Some recent references:

- Mias Group, Gyöngyös (Hungary)
- Van Hool coaches, Lier (Belgium)
- GEA Refrigeration, Den Bosch (Netherlands)
- Nedtrain (Dutch Railway), Haarlem (Netherlands)
- HF-Group, Belisce (Croatia)
- Colorspol, Novot (Slovakia)
- Reynaers Aluminium, Piaseczno (Poland)
- Rettig ICC, Newcastle (England)
- Wires International, Isa Town (Bahrein)
- Jungheinrich Forklifttruck, Shanghai (China),
- Alural Group, Tisselt (Belgium),
- Buschheuer Stahlbau, Regensburg (Germany),
- Beth-El Industries, Haifa (Israël),
- Dexion, Rasnov (Romania),
- Crown Forklifts, Roding (Germany),
- Gunnebo, Doetinchem (Netherlands),
-  ......and many more

Quick Scan improvement of efficiency in paint-shops
Your answers on the questions here-below will give us a first impression of your paint-shop. Since almost 20 years we have collected a lot of data from a great number of paint-shop of all kinds. Comparing your input with this database we are able to conclude if it is in your particular case possible to achieve efficiency-improvements or cost-reductions.
After receiving the complete filled out form we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss our preliminary conclusions with you. 
Needless to say: we will treat your information stricktly confidentionally.
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What kind of parts do you coat:*
The materials the parts are made of:*
Max. dimensions of the parts (L x W x H):*
What kind of pretreatment is used:*
Optional: description of pretreatment:
What kind of coatingmaterial do you apply:*
Optional: description of paint-application:
What kind of transportation is used:*
when automatic transport; what is the average speed of the system:*
Optional: description of transportation system:
What kind of ovens/dryers are used:*
Optional: description of the oven(s):
Working hours of the plant<br />(p.e. 1-shift, 16 hours a day, etc):*
How many surface do you coat. In what time:*
How many persons are working in the paint-shop:*
How much paint (powder, liquid) did you use in the last year:*
What is the energy-use of the plant<br />(electric, gas/oil, water):*
Your further remarks:

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