Optimising existing coating processes and finishing plants

Plants and coating equipment have often a technical lifespan of more than 20 years. The economical life however is limited to 8-10 years max. 
This means that an installation made 10 years ago, but is still in good technical condition, may no longer meet your company's current needs. Items that possibly would need a closer look in order to (re-)optimise the situation are:

Outdated technology

 Staff problems

Outdated process and plants

Since we want to help you to achieve maximum results at a minimum cost, and because we have no interest in selling you an installation (or part of it), these are the projects where our expertise will be of excellent assistance to you.

We supply advice and consultancy at all your questions concerning powdercoating, painting, pretreatment, cleaning, finishing-process- and coating-plant-engineering, trouble-shooting, education of staff. Shortly, with everything related to the finishing of your products!

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