Troubleshooting and solviong problems

In addition to advising on the optimization and purchase of installations, you can call on us to solve problems and answer all kinds of questions in the field of industrial surface treatment.

These can be questions/problems with regard to a coating installation, but also problems with the practical use of coated products, where an on-site inspection and quality checks are necessary in order to arrive at a good problem determination and correct solution proposals.

In arbitration cases, B&B Coating Techniek is your independent expert who can present causes, consequences and possible solutions, based on solid expertise and experience.

Some examples:

The quality of the coated product does not meet the client's requirements.
What is the cause? During the pre-treatment? With the applied paint? At installation?

The coating installation delivered does not meet the client's expectations.
Who's right? In what way can which processes possibly be adapted?

A balcony fence starts to rust after 3 years.
Is this normal? What is the cause and how can it be solved?

In these cases too, we can provide you with independent expertise, conduct arbitration, conduct a technical assessment, etc.

Do you have such problem? Let us know and we will contact you.

We supply advice and consultancy at all your questions concerning powdercoating, painting, pretreatment, cleaning, finishing-process- and coating-plant-engineering, trouble-shooting, education of staff. Shortly, with everything related to the finishing of your products!

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