Jungheinrch Landsberg AG, Landsberg

Jungheinrch Landsberg AG, Landsberg

Engineering, construction and projectmanagement at implantion of completely new highly automated powdercoatingplant for internal transport material (forklifts etc.)
  • 6-Zone pretreatment
  • 2 off automatic powderbooths incl. 3-D system for scanning the parts to be coated
  • IR-gel-oven prior to curing oven
  • Complete ventilation-system of the total workshop, incl. re-use of energy coming out of cooling-zones and ovens
  • Extensive and complex power-and-free conveyorsystem incl. dropsections, buffers, etc. All situated on two floorlevels. Use of two different lenghts of loadbeams in order get maximum flexibility and efficiency

We supply advice and consultancy at all your questions concerning powdercoating, painting, pretreatment, cleaning, finishing-process- and coating-plant-engineering, trouble-shooting, education of staff. Shortly, with everything related to the finishing of your products!

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