Koninklijke Auping, Deventer

Koninklijke Auping, Deventer

Design and projectmanagement for a complete new pretreatmen- and powder-coating plant for domestic beds in a new-build factory.

  • 5-Zones pretreatment plant,
  • 2 Powderbooth and -recovery systems,
  • Dryer, oven and cooling-zones executed as one combined unit, installed in the higher part of the hall. Result: less energy consumption and no loss of valuable floor-working space.
  • series of measurements taken in order to reduce and recycle energy. Result: the dryer needs almost no external energy-input anymore.
  • Complex P+F conveyor system

We supply advice and consultancy at all your questions concerning powdercoating, painting, pretreatment, cleaning, finishing-process- and coating-plant-engineering, trouble-shooting, education of staff. Shortly, with everything related to the finishing of your products!

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